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The Claws Out campaign aims to end the exploitation

of captive lions in South Africa.


Every year, thousands of lions are being bred for profit and will die in captivity – I am taking a stand against this.



I founded and manage the Claws Out campaign against lion exploitation in South Africa.

Across Africa, wild lion numbers are plummeting and there is a clear correlation with the growth of the captive industry. The legalisation of the lion bone trade is creating an issue of supply and demand – advertising the King of the Jungle as a commodity and this must be stopped.

Volunteers and tourists are unaware of the role they are playing in both the lion bone trade and the canned hunting industry and this must end now, before it is too late.

After volunteering in 2015, I recognised the importance of raising awareness to the atrocities that lions face and knew I had to help end captive lion exploitation. I launched the Claws Out campaign and work towards ending these industries. 

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The Claws Out Pledge is now live and ready for you to sign!

When I booked my trip to South Africa, I was led to believe I was taking part in conservation and making a real difference – the sad truth is that thousands of volunteers and tourists make the same mistake every year and unintentionally contribute towards lion exploitation.

Now I'm giving YOU the opportunity to join my campaign and make your pledge to never cuddle lion cubs, walk with lions, or visit a facility that offers those experiences.

Please join me in standing against this abhorrent exploitation of lions and take our pledge.

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