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Currently, it is still legal for hunters to bring their trophies back into the UK. We are calling on the government to process a ban on the import of all lion hunting trophies, whether captive bred or not. If a hunter can't bring home his trophy, then why would he hunt in the first place? 

Contact Your Local MP
Watch Blood Lions

Watch Blood Lions. It's that simple. This film will open your eyes to the atrocities occurring in South Africa. 

Share the film with everyone that you know to spread the word as much as possible. Share it with anyone who might be considering volunteering. 

Contact Me 

If you find lion petting trips advertised on travel websites, gap agencies or even volunteers sharing their  past experiences, please get in touch and send me a link. 

We aim to remove all cub petting trips from UK agencies by the end of 2020. 

Dr Brian May has begun a petition to introduce "Cecil's Law" in the UK - a complete ban on the import of wildlife trophies into the UK 

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