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As of June 2018 Claws Out has been fortunate enough to confirm partnership with Born Free Foundation and Olsen Animal Trust to prepare and launch the Claws Out Campaign as a collective. 

Claws Out are endlessly grateful to both organisations for the support they have offered throughout the launch of this campaign through grants and expertise. 

Born Free Foundation are the organisation that everyone has heard of. After the 1966 hit film Born Free told the story of conservationists Joy and George Adamson who rescued a lioness called Elsa and successfully returned her to the wild. Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, the stars of the film, also starred alongside each other in An Elephant Called Slowly; when filming was over the four legged star Pole Pole was gifted to London Zoo by the Kenyan Government despite Virginia and Bill's best efforts to stop this from happening. They soon launched a campaign to give Pole Pole a better life but sadly, Poly Pole didn't make it. Virginia, Bill and their youngest son Will launched Zoo Check which later evolved into Born Free Foundation. 

Born Free Foundation work tirelessly to ensure all wild animals, whether in captivity or the wild, are treated with compassion and respect. They oppose the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaign to keep them in the wild. 

More information about Born Free Foundation can be found on their website. 

Olsen Animal Trust is a family trust aiming to end animal cruelty and exploitation by supporting organisations and initiatives with animal welfare and conservation goals. After Sue Olsen's involvement with the rescue of a French circus lion, Simba, she worked alongside Born Free Foundation to accompany Simba on his rescue journey. 

Olsen Animal Trust now supports projects across the world including South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Vietnam, China and Afghanistan to name but a few!

More information about Olsen Animal Trust can be found on their website. 

Blood Lions is a documentary feature film that blows the lid off all the claims made by the predator breeding, cub petting and canned hunting industries in South Africa.

The Blood Lions team have already made significant progress:

  1. Filmed and produced Blood Lions, the first feature documentary that looks at all aspects of predator breeding in South Africa.

  2. Been able to get the film accepted into various film festivals around the world.

  3. The website has become a global platform to raise awareness around the issues as well as acting as a co-ordinated call for action.

  4. Have addressed both the Australian and European Parliaments on the issues and have briefed decision-makers, conservationists and scientists in both regions. As a result of the visit to Australia, that country has become the first to ban the importation of lion trophies into the country.

  5. Have started assembling a coalition of conservation, tourism and scientific NGO’s and other organisations against the practices.

  6. Undertaken to be partners for change with various Ministries in the South African government.

WorkingAbroad Projects

WorkingAbroad was established in 1997 to provide small-scale organisations with need-based support from volunteers. The main areas of focus are wildlife conservation and community development projects.


WorkingAbroad run projects in various countries around the world and takes a powerful stand against unethical volunteering, particularly with wildlife. They do not accept any volunteer projects with inappropriate interactions with animals such as cub petting, elephant riding or hands-on interactions with predators.

Founder Vicky McNeil was kind enough to be interviewed for the Claws Out film and is our advocate and champion for the travel industry, and we are proud to have WorkingAbroad as one of our partners.


In early 2017 Nicky Stevens, CEO of IAPWA, got in touch after finding out about Claws Out through a mutual friend. It was soon agreed that IAPWA and Claws Out had the potential to make a real change as a team, so Claws Out became part of IAPWA and I subsequently became Campaign Manager for the charity. 

International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) 

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