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Claws Out in Camden

In August 2015 I decided I wanted to raise money for the Karoo Wildlife Centre opened by the owners of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting, Chris and Bev. I decided to hold a fundraiser show in Camden and donate all money to the centre, which is currently in the process of being built! The run up was hectic and I was rushed off my feet for weeks, but I’m so glad I did it because it turned out to be a huge success!

The run up to the show was as stressful as expected, with a last minute van breakdown and panic about equipment, there were times when I thought it would be easier to give up and cancel everything. This thought was quickly dispelled from my mind after reminding myself exactly why I was planning the show – to build a centre where wildlife can be safe from human destruction.

With this in mind I set out contacting musicians and I am so fortunate that all of the acts were kind enough to play for no fee and with no rider agreed.

Without them my show would simply not have been possible. Similarly, I want to send a massive thank you to everyone at Barfly who let me hire the venue for free and take 100% profit from all ticket sales, and for putting up with my neurotic emails attempting to organise my show.

Here’s how the evening went:

The Running Guns


Jim Caesar


Big Sixes

I’m so humbled after seeing everyone show support for Claws Out and for something really close to my heart. It was so lovely to see all of my friends gather together and rally over 100 people to attend the show and the money we raised will make a huge difference to CACH and the Karoo Wildlife Centre.

Needless to say that money goes A LOT further in South Africa so this will make such a big difference to Chris and Bev. I will be posting updates about where the money has been used.

Thank you to everyone again for your support!

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