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Claws Out is now registered!

It’s been a quiet year so far for Claws Out as I recently began a new job working for Dogs Trust Worldwide and it keeps me very busy! However, my campaign has recently taken an interesting turn and I am so pleased to announce my big news.

Claws Out has partnered with the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) which means my campaign has now become part of an amazing registered charity. IAPWA is an inspiring organisation whose first project began in 2009 in Borneo, where they have a facility and team providing veterinary care and support to the region’s 10,000 stray dogs.

In 2016, IAPWA established their second project in Romania where they aim to make a difference to the lives of many dogs through a neutering campaign. They have been involved in the rescue of abused and injured street dogs, helping to nurse them back to health and find them forever homes.

I was contacted by Nicky Stevens, CEO, with an invite to meet up and discuss my campaign regarding the cub petting and canned hunting industry. For a while now, IAPWA have wanted to expand their work into wildlife campaigning and I am fortunate enough that Nicky has chosen Claws Out to head their lion welfare sector.

So what does this mean for Claws Out?

The campaign is still going to be under the same name only now as part of IAPWA, which means we have the ability to take it to the next level and really make a big difference. We aim to primarily focus on education in the UK on both the cub petting and canned hunting industries, targeting schools, universities, gap agencies and tourists that may unintentionally become involved during trips to South Africa. We aim to work alongside some of the world’s leading lion welfare charities and have already had such positive feedback from our contacts.

When I returned from South Africa in 2015 after having had such an awful time, I never imagined that my little online campaign would turn into something so important. The next chapter of Claws Out is going to keep me busier than ever but I am so excited to be given this opportunity to make the biggest difference to lion welfare that I can.

Everyone that knows me knows how passionate I am about this cause and how much of an impact the lions I worked with had on my life, so I am eternally grateful to Nicky and IAPWA for giving me the platform to take Claws Out to the next level.

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