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Ukutula Misleading the Public (yet again)

It’s been a little quiet here on Claws Out recently but 2017 is a new year and the fight to save lions is of course, ongoing.

In just over a month it will have been two years since I visited Ukutula and so much has happened in that time, but unsurprisingly they are still up to their old tricks. Everyone that is aware of my story (for a brief overview you can read my article for The Dodo) is aware of the lies that Ukutula are capable of telling. Fortunately people are becoming more and more conscious of the implications of cub petting, so hats off to Ukutula for still trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. Points for persistence.

The latest crock of shit they’ve announced is, hilariously, a “Conservation Centre”.

Yep, you read it right.

“Conservation through research and education” is of course a fair statement, and an approach that many respected conservation projects take, however I think it goes without saying that in allowing the public to continue petting their cubs, going on lion walks and ultimately funding the abhorrent canned hunting industry they are undoubtedly the most hypocritical bunch of morons I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. And I’ve met a few.

A post put up on their Facebook reads:

Official Launch of the UCC on 17th February 2017 – visit our website for more information and links: #savebigcats #wildlifeconservation #responsibletourism #lionconservation#bigcats #CommittedtoConservation

The use of such hashtags is incredibly misleading and will no doubt lead naive volunteers to believe the park actually do contribute towards lion conservation, however Captured in Africawere quick to respond:

PLEASE NOTE: Ukutula improper use of CIA Hashtags

Captured In Africa – Exclusive Safaris & Captured In Africa Foundation

DO NOT SUPPORT or condone lion breeding & #cubpetting such as those offered at Ukutula!

By using hashtags related to CIA and CIAF, Ukutula seem to be trying to confuse the public into believing their facilities approach. These tactics will not work.

*South African Tourism does not support cub petting and interaction facilities –…/press-release-response-by-sout…

*No conservation NGO supports or condones lion breeding and interaction facilities.

*No lions or big cats bred at Ukutula have been released into the wild. Fact.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Never visit any facility offering interactions with big cats.

So it’s clear that “new year new me” is clearly not an approach that Will Jacobs has decided to take and he’s still putting his wallet before the preservation of lion populations. As always, please tell anyone who is considering cub petting the truth about the implications of doing so.

With any luck, 2017 may finally be the year that canned hunting in South Africa is stopped.

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