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I Accidentally Signed Up To A Hunting Newsletter

Yep. This post is exactly what it says on the tin.

You may have read my recent post where I sent an enquiry to Discount African Hunts about prices for a lion. Well doing so has apparently signed me up to their monthly newsletter and it is just as barbaric as you would imagine. I'm sharing this to show people the extent of the hunting industry within Africa and just how bad the situation is.

Firstly let's all take a second to appreciate their tagline"Making Africa Affordable!" whom does a $24,000 lion hunt qualify as affordable?!

The writer, whose name I won't disclose but you can very easily find online if you wish, is about to embark on a 41 day safari and has been so kind as to share his firearm packing list! That'll be so useful next time I board a flight to Spain to sit on a beach....??

I won't bore you with the entire itinerary that he has been kind enough to provide, but here are some excerpts that highlight just how much of a caveman this idiot actually is:

- First he is accompanying a bloke and his son on a hunt for two lioness in the Kalahari Desert.

- Next, he plans to "hook up" (insert eye roll) with friends for a 7 day / 6 animal package in the Eastern Cape. His aim here is to hunt a Cape Grysbok.

- He then flies to the Free State to transfer to a 20,000 acre bow hunt - he has no target here and will "just see what the bush puts in front of him".

- Next up is Zululand where he plans to hunt Suni. He planned to hunt a lion but to his horror, problems developed so he has downgraded to "take" a sable.

- Lastly he will fly to the Eastern Cape and he hopes to "hunt red lechwe, copper springbok, white springbok, bat eared fox, lynx with dogs, vervet monkey, ostrich, and maybe a tsessebe or a Roan." But, the most troubling part of his shopping list on the final leg of this trip is that he "also plans on darting a White Rhino while there".

What a total, f*cking subhuman coward.

Here are some photos to finish up this shit show of a newsletter.

I plan to stay signed up to this newsletter because it's actually turned out to be a good insight into into the world of hunting and their thinking (or lack thereof). Stay tuned for next month's issue of More Bullets than Brain Cells.

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