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Claws Out Documentary?! Plus...Discount Lion Hunts!

Where to begin with this post?!

As usual, it's been a busy few weeks here at Claws Out with lots of behind the scenes scheming going on, and now I need your help!

Firstly, I'm really excited to announce that I'm now in the planning stages of a Claws Out documentary - an investigative piece looking into voluntourism within South Africa and specifically lion petting facilities. The project will commence in 2018 and we have a great team of collaborators ready with all hands on deck, but we can always use more!

I'm looking for people to become involved so if you fit into any of the below categories, or know someone who does, please email me at

1. Volunteers

i. Volunteers who have previously worked on a cub breeding/petting facility in South Africa.

ii. Volunteers who have an upcoming trip to a cub breeding/petting facility in South Africa.

2. Travel Agencies

i. Travel Agencies who still advertise volunteering opportunities on cub breeding/petting facilities in South Africa. These can be based anywhere in the world.

ii. Travel Agencies who have stopped advertising volunteering opportunities on cub breeding/petting facilities in South Africa.

3. Ethical Volunteering Opportunities

Exactly what it says on the tin!

4. Anyone else?

If you have any other suggestions for people that could be involved, please do let me know!

This is a really exciting new venture and I think 2018 is going to be a very important year in the fight against cub petting and canned hunting.


So what about these discount lion hunts I mentioned? Well, as you may have seen last month, I accidentally signed up to a hunting newsletter whilst researching canned hunts. And late last week I had the joy of receiving my latest update!

The newsletter is a rather depressing insight into the world of a lion hunter but one that needs to be shared so people can see just how ludicrous it really is. Until the end of 2017 they are offering non-exportable male lion hunts for as little as $4,500. They've included a photo of some of the lions on offer and as you'll see it's taken really close up. It really shows that these hunts take absolutely no skill because you can stand right next to a hand reared lion without it trying to flee.

It's barbaric emails like those that remind me exactly why I've continued to fight against canned hunting and cub petting for almost 3 years.

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