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Claws Out: The Truth About Cub Petting

It's been a whirlwind couple of months for Claws Out in the lead up to the release of my documentary and now that it's finally released, the momentum shows no signs of slowing.

The process of creating this documentary began over six months ago and I spent a long time making a full campaign strategy and treatment for the film. After everything was signed off, I contacted Ian Michler, Vicky McNeill, Mark Jones and Will Travers to invite them to be involved as my lead experts and fortunately, everyone agreed. The result of which was a short film that I am incredible proud of. A huge thanks is also due to Jon Stone, videographer and editor of the doc.

We held a premiere in London at the Royal Geographical Society and received some really amazing feedback, despite a massive technical glitch resulting in a 5 minute freeze! I've come to realise that nothing ever runs smoothly when it comes to AV.

In a room filled with IAPWA supporters and my own friends and family, I took to the stage to introduce the film. Although I don't remember a single second of the speech, I'm told that I did well.

Since the launch we've had so many amazing people sharing the documentary and have reached over 26,000 views on Facebook. So thank you to everyone who has watched, shared and supported!

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